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Talent strategy

Talent strategy

 Talent is the most important source of a company. High-quality talent is the company’s source of strength for creating value, sustainable development and keeping eternity.

 Nanji Machinery Co. Ltd. has stuck to the business philosophy of “wholeheartedly serve the customer service success” in order to seek the greatness of the company which should gather a large pool of marketing, management, research and development and service talent. Our company is a people-oriented company and respect knowledge and talent: building the good space to retain talent by business; providing compensation structure with skill and achievement as the leading indicator and well-established welfare policy to retain talent by salary; creating excellent corporate cultural atmosphere and enhancing enterprise cohesion to retain talent by emotion.

 The company has established scientific HR management system to perfect the talent operational mechanism where the staff can give full play to their potentials step by step, then realize the big goal of Nanji——provide a space for everyone to bring out the best of themselves and achieve self-worth.

 Hop like a fish in the sea, fly like a bird across the sky. As an eagle, you certainly should spread your wings and fly. As a rose, you certainly ought to bloom. We firmly believe that you are a lever which can move the world and we are willing to be your secure foothold. We are thirst after talents, all we care is your brilliance and dream, your action and strength to realize them.
  What we offer is not just a job, we offer you a career that you can strive for your lifetime.

 You have talent while I have stage. If you are talented, join us.

 Two ways to join us:
 1 Send your resume online via position information published on this web, and we will inform you about issues related to interview according to detailed situation;
 2 Send your resume to or call 0523-87590811 via position information published on other webs and media.
 Choose us and choose success! Action now!