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The company held a new year's day in Hongsheng Hotel

In December 30th, the company held a new year's day in Hongsheng hotel. All the leaders of the board of directors gathered together with the staff of the whole company to celebrate the brilliant achievements of 2014, and the new voyage of 2015 was opened in song and dance. General manager Ni Jianfeng gave a toast. Chairman Ni Zhizhong made an important speech.
In the sound waves of the song, in the ocean of dance, each table representative toasted the beloved chairman, thanking him for his care and support to the staff, and thanking the happy life of the Antarctic. All members of the board came to each table to drink toast, bless and thank each other.
In the get-together, there are lots of Raffles and prizes at different levels. The members of the board of directors gave frequent prizes to them and pushed them to the climax again and again.
The crossing of Antarctica and passion sang, and the Antarctic advanced into 2015, and usher in another soaring year.