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A side note of planting and planting grass in the new plant

On the first day, the soul of the Antarctic and the flowers and plants were reflected and the diathesis of the South Pole was reflected in the first day of the company's organization related personnel to the new factory compulsory labor on the day of September 14th and 15.
In labor, leaders always play a leading role. Digging a pit is the work of the greatest amount of work. Under the mud of the board, there are stones, bricks, and cement blocks. A shovel is only a white spot, and some women can only admire the speed of labor. Wang Liqing, vice president, took over their shovels, pulled up their sleeves and dug up. They were all sweat, and they were not able to wipe them. Others wanted to change him. He refused, and kept on to the end of the task.
In labor, people are intimate with people. Around two o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun is shining, everyone is sweating and sweating. I want to have a straw hat to block the sun. The logistics clerk looked for it and found only a straw hat for whom? The straw hat was handed to the leader, and handed to the lesbian comrade, and handed to the old comrades. Everyone thinks of others. The flowers and trees workers who saw all this at the scene said, "Antarctic employees are good souls, and a straw hat sends deep feelings."
In labor, we work hard and bear hardships and stand hard work. Liu Yan of the Administration Office caught a cold for several days, hung up water at night and took medicine during the day. The leader will replace her in the old factory, but she will not. In labor, she was panting and coughing, and everyone advised her to rest. She said humorously, "catching a cold, basking in the sun, sweating is more effective than taking an injection." It might be that Zhang Ting could not master the essentials when he was planting flowers. She had a blisters on his hand, and it hurt desperately. She took off her gloves and broke the bubble and continued to dry. She was urged to bind her, and she laughed and said, "I have no such coppion."
Thanks to the joint efforts of all of us, we have completed the task ahead of schedule. The meaning of this voluntary labor far exceeds that of itself.