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The company provides scholarships for the children and workers of the colleges and universities.

On the morning of August 22nd, the company held a scholarship offering ceremony for 7 children of this year's College in the third floor conference room. Chairman Ni Zhizhong, general manager Ni Jianfeng and all members of the board, as well as students and parents attended the ceremony.
Vice President Wang Liqing read the "decision on rewarding the college entrance examination candidates for 2015 employees." According to the decision, 10000 yuan was awarded to the top 10 universities in the country and the study and doctoral students in the national ranking in this year, and 5000 yuan respectively for the key universities in the province. And announced the list of awards and the number of awards.
1, Yan Chunmei, the daughter of the electrical workshop, Chen Ying, who was admitted to Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Excitation 10000 yuan;
2. Yin Zhiyuan, the son of Yin Feng, is awarded 5000 yuan for admission to Jilin University.
3, Wang Cuiying, the son of the structural workshop, Yu Zhengdong, who was admitted to Soochow University, awarded 5000 yuan.
4. Jiao Yindi, daughter of Zhou Yifan, a new plant assembly shop, admitted to Nanjing Forestry University with a reward of 5000 yuan.
5, Wang Qiaoyun, the son of the metalworking workshop, Yin Pengfei, who enrolls the Armed Police Academy of engineering, awards 5000 yuan.
6, Chen Hongbing, daughter of the Ministry of health and the Ministry of education, Chen Peipei, admitted to Shanghai Univer graduate student, awarded 10000 yuan.
7. Liu Peng, the son of Zhou Hui, a structural workshop, enrolled in Changzhou university graduate student and awarded 10000 yuan.
At the ceremony, the award-winning students delivered their award-winning speeches respectively.
Ni Jianfeng general manager encourages the award-winning students to do a good job of the change of ideas and roles, to be a person with lofty ideals and noble character, to be a person with determination, perseverance and confidence, to be a person with wide knowledge, open vision, courage to innovate and dare to fight.
President Ni Zhizhong said in his speech that university is the hall of knowledge, the cradle of success, and the place where students can cultivate their minds, temper their will and set their ideals. Hope that the students can make full use of the good time of the University, hard, hard, hard, hard work, hard work, and then work hard to become a useful material in today's society. He suggested that the students present their hands out of their parents' hands to compare with their parents' experiences.
In the process of "hand to hand", all students' hearts are shocked, and gratitude for gratitude is not expressed in words.
At the ceremony, general manager Ni Jianfeng gave scholarships to all the award-winning students respectively, and all the members of the board took a group photo with them.