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The company held the second batch of pre job training classes in 2014

  According to the training plan, in from July 28th to 29th, the company held the conference room on the two floor. In 2014, the second batch of new staff pre job training, the company leaders attached great importance to the training, Wang Liqing deputy general made important speech, he asked all new employees to study seriously and strive to become the people in need of the Antarctic, that is: 1, to integrate. 2, the combination of innovation and practice. 3, cross field comprehensive talents. 4, three quotient and high. 5, communication and cooperation. 6. Work in love.  7, positive and optimistic. 8, the gratitude of gratitude. And emphasis on training and examination discipline. All the speakers made meticulous preparations for the teaching plan, organized the teaching closely, highlighted the key points, and the training achieved the desired results.