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TAB series of hydraulic supergrip bolts

  TAB series of hydraulic supergrip bolts, with the expanding intermediate sleeve, have changed the traditional technics of the fitting bolt and have been widely used in great and middle military and civilian vessel of mechanical industries. The products have been satisfied the requirements of many Class such as i6CCS" "LR" "GL" "RINA" "DNW IGBW "ABS" and so on, and have gotten their relevant certificates.
  When installing the hydraulic bolts, draught the bolt by hydraulic tensioner to surplus fitting with the expanding sleeve and then tight both end nuts. When dismounting it, first loose the nuts by hydraulic tensioner and then loose the bolt body by expanding oil press sure, or loose it by the hydraulic tensioner at the other side.
  Special operating tool-the hydraulic tensioner will be used in mounting and dismounting the hydraulic super grip bolt, which makes the techniques brief and shortcut. All the roughness in each fitting face is almost changeless after dismounting, so the bolt can be used again and again. The torques is mostly absorbed in the cut force of bolt body, and the remained is eliminated by the friction in flanges from pre-fitting load. The nuts don't need to be locked additionally after pre-fitting.
  The bolts don't have to get accurate tolerance and grind, which facilitates greatly the machinery of bolts and bolt's holes, and can be interchanged absolutely. According to the diameter of bolts, the clearance between the bolts and bolt's holes can be in the range of 0.04-0.1mm,so the bolts can be pushed in holes by hand and dismounted repeatedly.
  TAB series products have complete types. When the structure and dimension are different, negotiate with the consumer and then supply the right products.
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