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TAF hydraulic couplings

  TAF and TAC series of hydraulic couplings all have one hooped intermediate sleeve with outer taper. The products have quite high additional technology value, and can be used in many marine industries and mechanical industries. As it makes the transmission shaft have a can-be-dismounting coupling, so the cost of the forging and machining of the shaft can be reduced greatly.
  The hydraulic coupling is transferred the torques by the hooped intermediate sleeve, which is very safe and credible and the assembly and disassembly are both convenient. All the roughness in each fitting face is almost changeless after dismounting, so the bolt can be used again and again. When used in the vessel, it can realize the propeller shaft which can be installed and dismounted from the stern, and reduce greatly the engine room occupied.
  The series products have complete types. When the structure and dimension are different. We should consult with the consumer and supply the right products.
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