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Talent strategy

Personnel recruitment

 Jiangsu Nanji Machinery Co., Ltd. which has developed for more than 50 years, is a enterprise of key high and new tech enterprise in National Torch Plan, national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, national machinery industry management demonstration enterprise, national enterprise culture advanced unit, Jiangsu high and new tech enterprise, Jiangsu ship supporting industry key enterprise and Taixing key critical enterprise. The company is rated as an affiliated enterprise of CSSC. Located in the industrial park of Taixing City and the high-tech industry park, the company occupies over 250000 m2 among which floorage is 150000m2. Total assets of the company is up to 400 million RMB in possession of over 450 sets of various manufacturing facilities including large-scale and high accurate equipment over 230.

 The company is mainly in producing and operating 5 types of military products and civil products such as sewage water treatment, pressure vessel, shaft and rudder, air-condition, refrigeration, damping isolation & noise reduction floating raft and seawater filter, as well as undertaking business of large-scale machine process. Main products are sold to middle and large shipyards through the nation, and widely adopted by key vessels and nation defense engineering. They are also exported to more than 10 nations and areas, such as the USA, Russia, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Malaya and etc. The company has sales companies, offices and service outlets along the river and the coastal areas in China and maintenance outlets with the USA, Germany, Italy, Greece, Singapore and Malaya as a focus in foreign countries.

 The company is accredited as an engineering and technology center of Jiangsu Province and an engineering and technology research center for shipping sewage sequence membrane treatment plant of Jiangsu Province. The company established research institute and office in Taixing headquarter and Shanghai, engaging experts specialized in shipping machine, anti-pollution, water treatment, shafting, damping & noise reduction at home, occupying perennial technical consultant. A group of professionals in shipping and environmental protection are gathered here. People in the company graduated from junior colleges or high technical schools are more than 90% of the total number. By now, there are more than 160 technicians, including more than 80 persons with high or intermediate titles and more than 100 worker technicians. The company has established comprehensive relationships with more than 20 scientific research institutions, colleges and universities such as 701 institution, 708 institution, 711 institution, 719 institution, FIO, SJTU, Zhejiang University, Jiangsu University, JUST and etc. the company has 2 projects of National Touch Plan and 2 projects of National Key New Products, as well as gained 23 items of National Invention Patent and Utility Model Patent, 8 items of new high technology in province level, 1 item of transformation project of high-tech result and 2 items of the 1st critical equipment and product in Jiangsu province. Main products have obtained technological process award in China, province and city. The company approved by Quality Management System of military products and civil products. The products in the company is also approved by more than 10 classification societies in the country and abroad, such as CCS, ABS, DNV, BV, GL, LR, RINA, NK and etc. The company possess of 8 laboratories (test center), and main products have obtained USCG certification and EC certification. The company carries out ERP informatization management and process management. The company has been rated as AAA Credit Rating Enterprise approved by banks and AAA Credit Enterprise approved by Industrial and Business Administration, and also award Contract Trustworthy Enterprise in Jiangsu Province and Safety Labor and Labor Credit in Taizhou City in the past 20 years continuously.

 In order to achieve “Nanji Dream”, the company established 10-year developed plan. The company will be a modern research and production base of military products and vessel anti-pollution equipment by more than 200mu land acquisition in Taixing new high-tech industrial park in 2013 and investment of 700 million including 300million for equipments. The 1st phase of project goes into operation, within the 6 workshops is designed and built according modern standards, which is capacious, bright and well-equipped facilities. The administrative building and technical building will be finished in August, 2015. The environment and conditions are promoted by implement of the project. The future Nanji will be better by common effort of Nanji stuffs and supporting from leaders and friends from all fields.

 With the development of technology and new workshops go into operation, we want talents from all fields. Welcome you to join us.

Basic Benefit
■Five social insurances;
■FLegal holidays, Spring Festival holidays, statutory marriage leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, injury leave, two and a half days off every two 
■Fweeks, two-day weekend in summer, home leave for the employees from other provinces;
■FFree working meal; 
■FFree accommodation for the employees who live in the regions surrounding the city; free apartment for scientific and technological talents; 
■F8h/day (work overtime to meet a tight deadline, RMB 20/hour);
■FInternal and external training 
Special Benefit
★Birthday congratulations, one beautiful cake;
★Birthday gifts for the elder family member who is more than 90 years old; 
★A farewell ceremony for retirees;
★Corporate loans for the employee who purchases a house or a car; 
★Nutrition subsidy for a special type of work;
★Security and laundry service;
★Holiday gifts;
★Improve the standard of working meals; the food expenses increase every year; 
★The advanced collective, advanced individual, outstanding cadre and outstanding Party member can enjoy a trip;
★Luxury cars for the wedding ceremony of the children or staff;
★The children will be granted RMB 10,000 after being admitted to graduate school and RMB 5,000 after being admitted to the provincial key university;
★Free physical examination; 
★Medical subsidy;
★Accident insurance;
★Solve the practical difficulties in work and life;
★The economic subsidy for family members and children who suffer from rare diseases and the poor staff, RMB 5,000-10,000 every year; 
★The leaders will show care to the bosom friend card holders;
★Fitness activities, you can take part in a basketball team or a table tennis team; 
★The quarterly recreational activities, you can take part in a dance team or a singing team; the recreational activities including singing, speech and sketch are held once every half a year;
★The suite with an area of about 80 square meters is available for undergraduates or engineers, senior executives or highly skilled workers, talents in urgent need and technical talents who have no house in Taixing; the family members will be assigned to suitable posts; favorable conditions for singles.

◆Basic allowance: RMB 1,200 every month;
◆RMB 100 for technical secondary school graduates, RMB 150 for junior college graduates and RMB 200 for undergraduates every month; 
◆Seniority allowance: RMB 20 every year;
◆Job salary or post salary; 
◆Allowance for professional titles: RMB 100 for primary professional tiles; RMB 300 for intermediate professional tiles; over RMB 500 for senior professional tiles;
◆Holiday pay and sick pay;
◆Performance pay;
◆Piece rate wage for technical workers;
◆Subsidy for single child families, subsidy for cold drink in summer; nutrition subsidy for a special type of work; confidential allowance for secret-related personnel;
◆Awards and subsidies for the employees who make a contribution in the field of technology, development, innovation, quality and management;
◆Year-end bonus; bonus for shareholders;
◆Annual income of over RMB 150,000 for chief engineers and academic leaders; over RMB 60,000 for the employees with Master degree or above; over RMB 80,000 for senior engineers; over RMB 45,000 for graduates from key universities including “211” and “985”
◆Annual income of over RMB 50,000 for technical workers