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Talent Concept

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Talent is the most important resource of an enterprise, and high-quality talent is the power source of creating value, sustainable development and lasting prosperity.

Antarctic machinery to "wholeheartedly service customer success" as the business philosophy of the enterprise. To achieve the great cause of Antarctic machinery, a large number of marketing, management, research and development, service personnel to jointly cast. The company adheres to the principle of "people-oriented", respects knowledge and talents, creates a good development space for talents - to retain talents for their career; salary structure with skills and performance as the main indicators and perfect welfare policy - achieves salary retention; creates excellent corporate culture atmosphere, continuously enhances enterprise cohesion and achieves emotional retention.


Jiangsu Nanji Machinery Co., Ltd.



The company has established a scientific human resource management system and gradually improved the talent operation mechanism to give full play to individual potential, so as to achieve the great goal of Antarctica - to provide everyone with space to play their own ability and realize their self-worth.

The sea is wide and the sky is high. If it is an eagle, it must fly; if it is a rose, it should bloom. We firmly believe that you are a lever to move the earth, and we are willing to be your firm fulcrum. We are thirsty for talents. We only care about whether you have talent and dreams, and to realize their actions and strength. We do not provide a simple job, but we give you a lifelong career to strive for.

You have the ability, I have the stage, if you are talented, come and join us.


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