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NiBallastTM BWMS(1500T)

  NiBallastTM BWMS Treatment Flow: NiBallastTM BWMS is a completely new system that our company develops autonomously to satisfy regulation D-2. The system applies 50um self-cleaning filter to remove large particles first and then remove al1 the microbes, even bacteria by micro membrane filter. At the same time, it is charged inert gas-nitrogen.
Ballasting: The overboard sea water is sucked through sea rough filter by ballast water pump, and then enters filter unit, membrane separator into ballast tank, while it is charged nitrogen.
De-ballasting: The ballast water in ballast tank is sucked by ballast pump to discharge overboard.
  Self-cleaning Filter :First50μm stainless steel self-cleaning filter removes a majority of particles and microbes, then it back-flushes every stainless steel filter core instantaneously with very small water consumption by the control of pressure difference and set time, so the TRC is ensured. The organism in flushing liquid that discharges into departure waters does not belong to invasive species. 
  Micro-membrane Separator & Control unit: Through several years study, our company has developed MF which is applicable for the treatment of high capacity, and adopted multi measures to ensure the high flux. Lifespan test indicates that membrane lifetime can be up to more than 4 years. In the ballast water treated by membrane separation unit, organisms>10μm are almost zero and the quantity of bacteria is very small. It aims to ensure that the discharge water quality to meet D-2 standard. Control unit is to control the whole system manually or automatically and record operation data, trouble information etc.
  Nitrogen generator :Nitrogen generator has already been generally applied in preventing explosion system in oil tanker. America regulator advises using inert gases in order to protect ballast water tank from corrosion.
Use PSA technology alternative adsorption oxygen of air and produce nitrogen. Like the alternation, the concentration of nitrogen can reach99.99% and is the lowest power consumption.
  The advantage of NiBallastTM BWMS
  1. NiBallastTM BWMS makes no use of any active substances, except nitrogen which is no harmful to the environment.
  2. The system is module designed, applying for new and existing ship.
  3. The back-flushing water of filter unit and membrane separator is from filtered water, no need additional.
  4. NiBallastTM BWMS uses lower energy, and the cost of operation is very low.
  5. The back-flushing water with concentrate organisms and sediments from filter and membrane separator may discharge to the departure harbour, so save the cost for cleaning.
  6. NiBallastTM BWMS adopts the pure nitrogen made from PSA technology to ballast tank, which has no effect to the sea water, and no any by-products to effect the environment, crews and public.
  7. The nitrogen is good anti-corrosion for the ballast tank, so it can save the ship body maintenance cost.
  8. NiBallastTM BWMS is easy to operate and convenient to fix.
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