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WCMBR marine membrane sewage treatment plant(Ozone type)

Principle Description:
  The device adopts the principle of sequence-membrane to treat the pollutant. Sewage first enters into the buffer tank to adopt the biochemical treatment. Meantime the tank can contain the sewage peak load. When the liquid in the tank reaches the starting-level, the sewage is transferred into the sequence tank with soft stuffing, and treated with the way of sequence biological contacted oxidization treatment. Then the treated sewage is transferred into the clean water tank. When the liquid reaches the certain level, the clean water is transferred into the membrane assembly or discharged directly. The permeated effluent should be discharged to overboard after ozone disinfection or UV disinfection. The quality of the effluent meets with the requirements of IMO MEPC159( 55) resolution. For this product, we have gained CCS type approval certificate, IMO certificate, USCG、ABS and EC certificate. Meanwhile we also gained certificate for National Invention Patent and Practical New Model Patent. In 2008, it was listed as a special financing Program for technological production transform of Jiangsu Province.
  3.1 adopts sidestream membrane for more convenient change and maintenance;
  3.2 adopts various measures to prolong thse service life of the membrane;
  3.3 adopts the buffer tank and dormancy to meet with the requirement of peak load;
  3.4 adopts the ozone disinfection or UV disinfection, avoids secondary pollution, decolors well;
  3.5 adopts the PLC controlling procedure for more convenient operation and maintenance;
  3.6 adopts sequencing batch reactors (SBR), the rate of sludge loading is high, the treatment is more ef-fective, the quality of discharged sludge is less;
  3.7 sets the automatic dormancy procedure to be acceptable the condition of zero loading sewage;
  3.8 sets various treatment manners to meet with the requirements of diferent sea areas;
  3.9 The plant can be used for treating vacuum collected condense sewage, for hydraulic load is small, membrane is even more applicable.
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