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WCH Series Sewage Cutting & Sterilizing Storage Tank

  The storage tank is used to store raw sewage or sludge disposed by the sewage treatment plant on various kinds of ship. 
  The storage tank has the function of reagent adding, sludge cutting, flushing and discharging the treated sludge overboard. 
  Simple structure, Convenient to operate, the quality of treated water meet the IMO disintegrator and sludge-collected tank.
Principle Description:
  The storage tank is used to store raw sewage or remaining solid sludge disposed by the treatment plant. When it stores raw sewage, a certain amount of chloride can be added into the sewage. When the sewage reaches specified level, the cutting pump started to convert solid sludge into small particle sludge by circulating repeatedly. The sludge can be transported to the receiveing devices on the shore through pipe or it can be discharged overboard when the navigates at the non-restricted areas. the storage tank has cutting pump low-level-stop and high-level-alarm installation.
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