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vacuum collection system

  The vacuum collection system consists of vacuum toilet, vacuum interface valve and vacuum collection plant. The domestic sewage water in the plant will not depend on gravity; the sewage will be sucked by vacuum through the vacuum pipeline to vacuum collection plant, then the sewage will be transmitted to the sewage treatment plant , it will not discharge until the sewage satisfy the international discharge standard. So it has the advantage of small diameter and flexible arrangement.
  The vacuum in the pipe is produced and maintained by water ejector. The sewage in the tank is pumped to the ejector by centrifugal sewage pump which is installed on the vacuum collection plant, then return to the tank with the sewage which is sucked from the toilet. The sewage can be as the working medium for ejector, there is a check valve on the ejector for insulating the vacuum collection plant and vacuum pipe, the check valve will not open until the ejector is working.
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